“After thoroughly evaluating multiple nationwide collection agencies, we decided to work with Tanner Keller & Associates as our exclusive provider after visiting their offices and meeting their people. Their professionalism and expertise convinced us that they were the people to deal with.”

— Media Conglomerate

“We cleaned up over $2.4 million dollars worth of delinquent receivables, utilizing General Auditing Bureau’s pre-collection system, for a total cost of less than $1,100! It significantly helped us increase our cash flow while keeping our customers intact.”

— National Home & Garden Manufacturer\Distributor

“When it comes to performance, Tanner Keller & Associates is without peers. One aspect that we’ve been especially pleased with is their ability to recover their collection fees and interest after the full principal has been paid. Recovery of these funds has consistently lowered our overall collection cost to 10% year after year.”

— Fortune 500 Transportation Company

“We’ve been working with Tanner Keller & Associates exclusively for more than 5 years! Tanner Keller & Associates’s recovery rate was so fantastic that we decided to try their General Auditing Bureau pre-collection program. By implementing GAB’s service BEFORE referring accounts to Tanner Keller & Associates we’ve saved thousands of dollars in collection fees as a result!”

— National Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

“As a nationally recognized bank we see liquidation cases regularly that often have portfolios of receivables. Rather than taking a long time to recover these receivables ourselves, Tanner Keller & Associates is able to purchase them, thus allowing us to quickly pay down the loan.”

— Top 5 Bank

“We had a children’s clothing store on the other side of the country that owed us a large sum of money and was avoiding us. Tanner Keller & Associates dispatched a rep to their doorstep finding well stocked shelves, a lot of store activity, and a new Mercedes in the owner’s parking spot. This helped us learn more than we ever knew about this customer previously, but most importantly helped Tanner Keller & Associates collect it for us right away!”

— Children’s Clothing Manufacturer

“One aspect that I’ve always appreciated in working with Tanner Keller & Associates is their personal service. They’ve never shuffled me off to a service department for handling, and my sales representative is always there! Not off on the road for weeks at a time selling other customers. Knowing there is a person overseeing my account that really cares, matters!”

— Construction Materials Distributor

“The reports I get from Tanner Keller & Associates are second to none. You can tell they do extensive research to find out the debtor’s true ability to pay. It’s always nice when my boss asks me about the status of a file I’ve given to them, to be able to pull the level of detail they provide me. It makes me look good by having selected Tanner Keller & Associates as my collection firm.”

— Publishing Company

“Quite often in our dealings with troubled companies, one large asset we must deal with is their outstanding receivables. Tanner Keller & Associates is able to quickly and expertly evaluate how collectible they are on our behalf, and devise a plan of action to maximize recoveries that has proven invaluable to us.”

— Top 5 Bank

“Prior to working with Tanner Keller & Associates, I was dealing with an agency whose method of operation was to file suit quickly on my behalf. On the surface that sounds like a good approach, but upon closer scrutiny we paid out attorney’s fees on many cases that we collected nothing in return! Tanner Keller & Associates only recommends filing suit on claims that are worth my company’s time and money to proceed legally with.”

— Electronics Industry