Our Team

“Our people are what set Tanner, Keller & Associates apart from other commercial collection agencies. It began when the company was established, and it’s just as true today. Our professionals are better because we go to extreme lengths to find, hire and keep the best candidates. We motivate our people by providing them with challenging work, ongoing training, and the responsibility and incentives to excel.

Equally important, they share in the rewards. As a result, over half of the people currently working at Tanner, Keller & Associates have been with us for over five years. This is simply unheard of in the collection industry. Clients want to work with people they can trust, and people they can count on to deliver performance that pays — month after month, year after year.”

– Executive Management Team

Greg Tanner


Greg founded Tanner, Keller & Associates in 1998. Greg uses his 30 plus years of experience in the collection industry to guide Tanner, Keller & Associates operations and long term growth strategy. Greg is actively involved in developing new business opportunities with current clients and through mergers and acquisitions. Under Greg’s leadership, Tanner Keller & Associates has grown its reputation for providing reliable, industry leading service while delivering excellent results.

David Saunders

Vice President/Operations Manager

David oversees the day-to-day operations at Tanner Keller & Associates, helping to ensure the highest quality standards for the client customers. His open door policy helps keep his finger on the pulse of the organization, by letting every contributing member know what a valuable piece of the puzzle they are. By having these systems and organization firmly in place, David helps Tanner Keller & Associates to be uniquely qualified in helping client customers achieve their goals.

Tony Brown

Vice President Collection Operations

Tony is responsible for the execution and delivery of Tanner Keller & Associates’s . This includes 3rd party collections, outsourcing, as well as maximizing recoveries for our Professional Services Group. Tony’s credit and collections knowledge goes far beyond the latest recovery techniques: he has decades of experience working side by side with clients to help them customize internal recovery programs designed to help them improve cash flow and reduce the number of accounts going to collections.

Yvonna Scott

Administrative Manager

Whenever you have a question that needs answering, or if you are unsure of who to talk to, ask Yvonna. Her positive and infectious enthusiasm is felt by clients and fellow employees, helping maintain the highest level of quality standards in the industry. Yvonna is responsible for the overall administrative functions of Tanner Keller & Associates that helps each and every employee more effectively concentrate on their specific tasks at hand.